Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Ok so it's Tuesday, not Sunday, but my run was to the tune of Easy Like Sunday Morning... anyway, today was my first run on my new training plan!  Remember I told you today was the day I get my but in gear, from here on out I'm taking the bull by the horns and doing what I know I have  want to do!!!

Today's schedule called for 2 miles... Easy Like Sunday Morning!  It went pretty well, I was a sweaty mess and covered in gnats, but what else would you expect running on a hot summers night??  As you recall, I'm picking up in Week 2 of my training plan.  

Thanks to my trusty Garmin 10, here are my stats:
Time: 21:09.1
Distance: 2.03 miles
Pace: 10:25/mi
Calories: 252

That's about average for me these days, not where I want to be or where I should be though.  My goal for the half is to earn a PR (personal record) from my completion of the Middle Half in 2012, finish time 2hrs. 18mins. and some change, one would think this would be easily obtained, but I'm not gonna hold my breath!

Place your bets now Boys and Girls!!!  I'll be interested to know who thinks I can make this goal ;)

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