Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life Happens

I knew this weekend I would face some obstacles and I did.  Thursday I got in 3.5 miles when my schedule called for 3 and I was suppose to run 4 on Saturday, however with the hubs schedule this weekend and all other things that decided to go wrong, 
I did this instead....

 The local Community Market in Manchester!  This was my first time and I loved it...
Princess got a handmade Hula Hoop, Pirate got a wooden Sword, we bought Green Tomato Bread, Ah-Mazing, local honey, another baked goodness, Creamy Jalapeno Dip, fresh blackberries, Italian Ice, homemade Lemonade....  We sat and enjoyed, listening to a lil' bluegrass group play Wagon Wheel and yes Princess and I sung along like we were at the Ryman with OCMS!  Good times for sure.  However, the baked goodness has been consumed with every walk into my kitchen and I totally blew my calories Saturday, but it was well worth it!!!

Saturday night my (3) nieces and nephews stayed the night and fun was had by all as well as little sleep by Princess and Blondie, pictured below!  My schedule called for 2.5 miles today and since I had 4 to make up from yesterday, I knew I had to do something.  So we piled in the Mom Bus and headed back to their house, also where I run on most occasions, and while the Oldest cousin kept the boys, the girls and I headed out for 3 hot miles!  They rode their bikes with me and I really enjoyed their company!  
Made those HOT miles not so bad...


Even though I didn't stick to my plan exactly, I did get a run in and at this point that is what matters most!  I've had a fun weekend and I am thankful for the time I have had with my family...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

61 Degrees and Sunny

Ok guys, as you know, mornings have been a struggle for me to get out of bed.  This morning was no different.  My alarm went off at 5:55am and of course I hit SNOOZE!  All of a sudden, I hear this voice in my head....Get up, it's gonna be a perfect morning to run!  I ever so sleepily, pulled myself out of bed and got dressed in the dark.  The moment I stepped out side, I thanked the Lord for this perfect morning! And Yes it was the perfect morning to run.

Here are my morning stats:

I would much rather see this number around a 10 min mile, but I also need to be realistic.... I haven't been consistent, so my goal right now is in a month from now to see my 3 milers around a 10 min mile!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Ok so it's Tuesday, not Sunday, but my run was to the tune of Easy Like Sunday Morning... anyway, today was my first run on my new training plan!  Remember I told you today was the day I get my but in gear, from here on out I'm taking the bull by the horns and doing what I know I have  want to do!!!

Today's schedule called for 2 miles... Easy Like Sunday Morning!  It went pretty well, I was a sweaty mess and covered in gnats, but what else would you expect running on a hot summers night??  As you recall, I'm picking up in Week 2 of my training plan.  

Thanks to my trusty Garmin 10, here are my stats:
Time: 21:09.1
Distance: 2.03 miles
Pace: 10:25/mi
Calories: 252

That's about average for me these days, not where I want to be or where I should be though.  My goal for the half is to earn a PR (personal record) from my completion of the Middle Half in 2012, finish time 2hrs. 18mins. and some change, one would think this would be easily obtained, but I'm not gonna hold my breath!

Place your bets now Boys and Girls!!!  I'll be interested to know who thinks I can make this goal ;)

She Inspires Me!

 She lights my fire and inspires me to do better, to lead by example and to be the proudest Momma ever because she is my little fire cracker!!!

 She cheers for me when I go out for a 1 mile and she brings me Gatorade when I go out for a 6 mile run.  She drives by hooting and hollering, smiling from ear to ear.  What is greater than that?

Saturday she completed her 2nd Kids Triathlon, talk about inspiration!  That's still on my bucket list.
She did beautifully and I was so proud of her!  She gave it all she had,
 I love that she has a competitive side ;)


She is also my little gymnast!  She loves gymnastics and last night I was THAT MOM sitting on the side with tears in my eyes, so excited to watch her go yet another step further and all at once getting promoted to the next level in her class.  Proud is all I can say! 


When I think about the effort and the perfection she puts into everything she does, it can only make me want to be like her!  Funny how your kids will do that to you...

She inspires me!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Run Mad?

Why Run Mad and not Run Happy?

Well you see I have roughly 11 weeks to train for my half marathon and maybe I'm a little frustrated...with myself, not running.  So you see I will be in a mad dash to get my training in.  
Poor habits; Yes I know!

I often think of a million and one things that would help me run: a treadmill, new shoes, SparkGoosandChews, iPod... Just to name a few!  But like the sign reads above
 "It's Simple, JUST GO RUN"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Get to Work (Therapy Session 1)

I have been very unmotivated up to this point.  I have a half marathon in less than 12 weeks and I really don't have any desire to train...
Today was a perfect example: for the 2nd time this week, I have had clothes laid out and ready for the next mornings run. Once my alarm went off, I hit snooze.  Too tired, achy, stiff... 
 I am so disappointed in myself.
As I peruse through Pinterest, trying to find some motivation, I pick out a 12 week plan, in which I can comfortably start out at week 2. 
For whatever reason, I also decided I need to blog for motivation.  My eating as also suffered and my weight is up, thus my emotions are down.  I have determined that I am an emotional sufferer.  I eat and sleep and under stress and change, going through both of these right now! 
I'm bored with running.  I love it, I really do.... But this time of year it's hot, I either run really early or really late and that gets lonely and tiresome!  My favorite route last time, I almost got attacked by a dog, so I'm leery to go there.  
 Time is of the essence.  I learned this phrase in my real estate classes, but it holds true.  If I don't train, I regress and if I regress then my marathon (half) time will suffer and if I'm not prepared come race day then all bets are off!  How disappointing.
So it's Sunday, I guess I have till Tuesday to get ready and quit complaining and be thankful God has blessed me with the ability to do something many can not.