Sunday, September 1, 2013

Too Hot to Trott!

Two long runs and and no blog posts!  That's how busy we've been...

Last weekend I was up for a whopping 8 miles.  As I began to plan my weekend, I slowly lose motivation because I realize that my long run probably isn't going to happen.  I guess you could say I checked out!

Sunday morning around 9am, I get a call from the Hubs stating that "If I'm going to run, I better get my stuff together and go, NOW!"  How nice.  I was so not prepared and even though I truly was grateful for the opportunity, I left home feeling uneasy.  He returns home, I leave out.  Story of our life lately!

Miles 1 - 4 were great.  The heat was coming and I began to feel it around mile 5.  A friend of mine brought me water and I was so thankful, how silly of me not to carry water on an 8 mile run at 10am in August!!! 
 I had actually just planned to stop at the gas station on my way back home and beg 
them for a cup of water...

Around mile 6 I began to get really hot and lost all of my energy and motivation:
BONK: describes a condition caused by the
 depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles
which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy.

If this is a new word for you, you will never forget it, because you will know when it happens!
I tried to push forward, I walked some, then ran some avoided running any hills and then pushed my way back to my house.  To me it was a fail, however my best bud brought light to my eyes ensuring me that I still did it, no matter how I got there!  Thanks Kimmie. 

Next come my short runs or lack there of.  I did not complete one short run last week.  Long Story - Yada Yada Yada!  I wasn't feeling 100%, I had to work every day and Summer decided to show up with  heat indexes of 100 degrees.  No thank you.

So Saturday morning comes and I'm ready to go, even though I had the worst upset stomach most of the night due to some amazing food that I overate and it made me sick!  I guess that is what Anniversary dinners are for...  Eat a meal consisting of $140, eat to much that you pass out when you get home and spend the rest of the evening in the bathroom! ;)  I am a true Romantic!!

Back to my long run, I head out with my water and my GU, ready to take 9 miles by the neck!  However it took me first.  Again 6 mile bonk, WTF!  Push forward, walk a lot, run some and make it to 8 miles.  I know it has been very hot, I was dripping in sweat after mile 1, but I'm still frustrated.  I have to do better!

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