Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

And I'm running a 10k!

This past Saturday, I headed down to good old Chattanooga to run in the 'Round the Rim 10k.  All week long I heard "It's gonna rain all day Saturday."  And like always, I just ignored the bad news and pretended it was all Sunshine and Daisies!  I actually headed down on Friday to play a little with my BFF/Running Buddy before the race.  I love Chattanooga!  It's such a cool urban town and we walked and the streets and ate some really good food at Tupelo Honey. 

Then it was morning.  A wet wet morning.  We headed up to Raccoon Mtn and waited, in the car until 5 minutes before race time.  Fortunately, we were not the only crazy people who decided to show up!  For that 5 minutes we waited to start all 200 of us were drenched.  Soaking wet.  We headed out and up to the Rim, where the rain was like ice and the wind was fierce!  I prayed and he listened, as the rain let up around mile 2, it was barely noticeable by mile 3, even though it was still there!  At the 3.5 mile marker was a long hill that looked crazy steep from the bottom, but we conquered it like Champions!  We rocked this race...

I can't say it was our best time, but it was a great run, even in the rain!
And check out this "Killer" raccoon race shirt....
Kinda scary, huh!?

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