Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pushing The Limits...

(Half) Marathon training is all about pushing the limits.  You set a goal and week by week you push your body one mile further.  Some days you are prepared and some days, not so much.  Lately I've struggled going that extra mile further.  Which scares me about race day.  I so badly want to succeed, 
to meet my goal...still standing!  

Today I ran 4 miles, I so could have stopped at 3 but I knew I needed that extra mile.  It was comfortable.  My body agreed, no energy loss, no soreness...  Just a good ole' run!  This easy 4 miler made me realize my own comfort zone and that I truly am pushing my limits when I attempt a long run.  Truth be told, my body just isn't prepared for anything over 6 miles!  This is not to my advantage come October, but it's my own 
fault.  At this point all runs are crucial and all long runs will benefit me in my race,  
even if I don't successfully run the whole time. 

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